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Job Prospects Your Local DES Provider 

At Job Prospects, we have a relentless belief in people and their potential. We tailor our service to each individual and their goals. Our Consultants come from many walks of life, but share a passion for doing whatever it takes to help people succeed.

Job Prospects is now a local Disability Employment Services provider, available to people of all ages across Victoria, South Australia and in Sydney.

Why refer to Job Prospects?

Choosing a trusted referral partner for your valued clients is an important decision.

At Job Prospects, we understand that our clients are your clients, and that the quality of our service reflects on you.

We have a strong track record of providing high quality employment services to people with disability. Job Prospects can offer a range of supports to help people into employment, and address any obstacles that they may be facing.

Job Prospects Consultants also advocate with employers to ensure that an individual’s skills and abilities are the primary focus during the interview process. Once in work, Consultants continue to work with both the employee and employer to ensure success in the role.

Our personalised service ensures that each client is respected, supported, and valued throughout their journey with us. You can be confident that you’re not just referring your client to Job Prospects, but an individual Consultant, who will work in partnership with you and keep you informed.

Call our dedicated DES team now on:
1300 787 433

Careers, not just jobs

We understand that our clients want more than just any job and we are committed to people’s long-term success in employment.

Job Prospects Consultants explore each person’s interests and abilities, identify any extra training and support that they might need, and help to map out a path to a chosen career.

Additional support

At Job Prospects, we focus on skills and abilities, but we know that people can face many obstacles to finding and keeping a job.

We can change equipment and make workplace adjustments to ensure that people with disability can do their job well.

Our Therapeutic Support Team, made up of trained professionals in counselling, psychology, occupational therapy, and social work, can also help individuals deal with any personal issues that may be obstacles to their success.

Call our dedicated DES team now on:
1300 787 433
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SYC and our other brands, Job Prospects and HYPA, will soon be on the same website. Our services haven’t changed, we’re just bringing them all together in one handy location.