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Disadvantaged Job Seekers Benefit from Unique Collaboration

  • Apr 2, 2014

Disadvantaged job seekers stand to benefit tremendously from the collaboration between leading Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services provider, Job Prospects, and former client, Sharon Mamo, CEO and Founder of specialist employment services consultancy, Creating New Pathways.

The collaboration was formed against an interesting and unique background, beginning with Ms Mamo being referred to Job Prospects as a job seeker client back in 2009. At the time, Ms Mamo was herself experiencing significant barriers to employment, including a dual diagnosis of mental health and addiction problems, and an unbelievable combination of financial, accommodation and legal issues.

“I was lost. I was at that point in life where you just know change has to be made, but how do you do that with life pressures PLUS with an anxiety disorder that had gone undiagnosed previously?” Ms Mamo said.

She credits Job Prospects with not only helping her to get started on the journey of overcoming her barriers, but also in staying on track, gaining confidence and self belief, and ultimately re-entering the workforce after nine years as a stay at home mum.

It was during this time that Sharon identified the opportunity for a new business venture, helping other people who were also struggling to get work due to significant personal issues and subsequent barriers to employment. She acted on that by undertaking a Certificate IV in training and assessment, followed by a Diploma in Counselling, a Diploma of Social Support Work, a Diploma of Case Management, and is currently studying for her Bachelors of Applied Social Sciences, to gain the necessary professional skills.

Job Prospects continued to play a mentoring and support role to Sharon while she started and built her business, and also offered her the opportunity to pilot her programs with disadvantaged job seekers and refine her approach to ultimately arrive at a highly successful and industry-unique model that truly changed the lives of the job seekers she worked with.

The program, called Breaking Through Barriers, motivates job seekers to begin the process of addressing barriers towards employment and has achieved previously unheard of outcomes of 89% attendance rates, and 90% of participants successfully moving on to treatment programs, training or employment.

The collaboration between Job Prospects and Creating New Pathways is unique to the employment services industry and the result of years of working together and achieving success in helping disadvantaged job seekers to overcome their barriers.

We are not only very proud of Sharon’s achievements, but we are also extremely pleased to be able to offer our job seekers such a valuable and potentially life-changing service in collaboration with Sharon” said Job Prospects Chief Operating Officer, David Furniss.

“There’s no doubt from the results that this program works, and many job seekers have already benefited from working with this jointly held program.

From Sharon’s point of view, the collaboration is testament to her own achievements and a thank you to Job Prospects for their support and mentoring over the years.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Job Prospects in this capacity. It is the perfect culmination of many years’ work and Job Prospects played a crucial role throughout those years.” Ms Mamo said.

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