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Job Prospects applauds new National Standards for Disability Services

  • Jan 28, 2014

Revised National Standards for Disability were fully endorsed by ministers from all jurisdictions at the Standing Council on Disability Reform meeting held in December. Great news, according to Job Prospects’ Chief Operating Officer, David Furniss.

“The new standards are more person centred than previously, which is absolutely right in our opinion. People with disabilities have enough challenges to overcome without their attempts to find meaningful work being made more difficult by receiving less than ideal service and support from sector providers. Our clients just want to work. They want a job they can do well so that they can provide a valuable – and valued – contribution to their employers. The more we are able to support them, the more people with disabilities we’ll be able to get into the workforce.

The new standards are seen as a transitional reform enabling nationally consistent quality standards to apply for the disability services sector. They have a greater focus on person-centred approaches and promote choice and control by people with a disability. These are considered critical under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Australian Government will adopt the new standards for its employment services for people with disability.

“This, therefore, will have a direct impact on disability employment services providers like Job Prospects” Mr Furniss said. “We are looking forward to implementing the new standards and are confident they will bring better results for all concerned in this sector.”

The Department of Social Services is allowing for a 12-month transition period from 1 January 2014. During this period organisations will be able to choose between the old or the new standards for their audits.

There are six National Standards that apply to disability service providers.

  1. Rights: The service promotes individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making and actively prevents abuse, harm, neglect and violence.
  2. Participation and Inclusion: The service works with individuals and families, friends and carers to promote opportunities for meaningful participation and active inclusion in society.
  3. Individual Outcomes: Services and supports are assessed, planned, delivered and reviewed to build on individual strengths and enable individuals to reach their own goals.
  4. Feedback and Complaints: Regular feedback is sought and used to inform individual and organisation-wide service reviews and improvement.
  5. Service Access: The service manages access, commencement and leaving a service in a transparent, fair, equal and responsive way.
  6. Service Management: The Service has effective and accountable service management and leadership to maximise outcomes for individuals.

For more information on the new standards, please visit Disability Employment Australia.

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