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Job Prospects wins Work for the Dole pilot program in Northern Suburbs

  • Sep 26, 2014

The Department of Employment has rolled out eighteen Work for the Dole pilot programs across Australia, in order to connect young job seekers with the local community, whilst gaining valuable employment skills, and improving their chances of finding a job.

Adelaide’s Northern suburbs were elected as one of eighteen pilot areas before the scheme rolls out nationally in July 2015. Congratulations to our employment services division Job Prospects who successfully secured one of three Work for the Dole Coordinator positions in the North.

On Tuesday 16th September an induction session was held for all three Coordinators by the Department of Employment. Job Prospects Work for the Dole Coordinator, Rino Caprioli reports that “…since the induction a large number of places have been created to increase the skills of job seekers, with most positions filled, which is a great outcome for the program.”

Participants in the Work for the Dole program will work with not-for-profits, charities, councils, sporting clubs and schools, to gain skills and experience necessary to gain employment in today’s workforce. The type of work participants will be undertaking is varied, and will reflect each individual’s interests and career aspirations, some examples are construction, administrative and retail roles.

Congratulations to Job Prospects for winning this tender, SYC is proud to be a part of the Work for the Dole program, assisting young people gain the skills and experience necessary to transition into the workforce.

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